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February 23, 2010



Nice writeup Scott, had no idea that the Droid was so lacking.

Houston Business Computer Support - Scott Young

We haven't been recommending Android to our clients. We are excited about the iPhone 4.0, even with the antenna issues. Many of our clients are still using Blackberry though.



Scott Smith

Blackberry still remains the corporate standard for many organizations, though the brand of smartphone brings it own host of issues to the table (in my opinion).

Eric Mack

It is truly amazing how much can change in such a short period. I read this article now and can only think that it is a little lacking in vision.
Any project open-source - lacks the piZAZZ of a polished and proprietary system, at first. Heck, I think that BlackBerry and their continued refusal to integrate natively to Exchange is laughable - every time I hear "Blackberry" I think "Word Perfect 2.0".
Yes, Android has its quirks. Hundreds of custom ROMs and the fact that a 2-year old phone that is EOL is out-performing off the shelf NEW phones truly is incredible, and it's a Droid, and oh yes - it does.

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