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January 28, 2010


Lorne Smith

I agree. However there are lots more that attracts me; the instant/always on, the battery life, the size... and more to the point.. how long before there is a fully functional ConnectWise App for the iPad??

Ryan Masilionis

Handwriting recognition isn't that big of a deal if you ask me. I find a keyboard and office application way better than writing stuff...Plus - you could get a 3rd party stylus for the iPad (there are several for the iPhone/iPod touch) and then you would be able to make use of a handwriting type app.

Sunny Lowe

The iPad is really something different than tablet. I have had a tablet for years. Started with a Fujitsu slate, then a convertible t4210. The tablet Pc is just that, a Pc. Ok battery life, heavy, not instant on, and when I moved from a slate ( only handwriting) to a convertible, I almost never used the tablet features, except to look cool. When I just needed to get stuff done, I would much rather type, even in one note.
The iPad is different. It is the Internet, instant on, wherever you go. It is the power of single purpose apps, tied to getting things done.
It Is amazing, but it is not a Pc. I guess you could set up a virtual Pc somewhere and use tap RDP to get into it to get Pc work done' but as a network engineer' I very rarely have to do that, except to run ConnectWise I can RDP to my servers in my iPad and get an amazing amount of work done, plus Carry all my books and literature with me, plus photos of servers and server rooms, rudimentary networking tools, access to web apps like LogMeIn and email, with incredible battery life and ultra light weight. I am actually responding to this post on it right now.

Scott Ford - ConnectWise

I would agree. I would not recommend throwing out the baby with the bath water. The iPad certainly has its uses and continues to find niches that it fits into. As a matter of fact, three of our own Engineers here at ConnectWise have one now and they use it for work. They like it. So it's not a lost cause by any means. And as more people find more ways to use it, its popularity will continue to increase. Many people still wish that it shipped with handwriting capabilities, but it is what it is.

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