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November 06, 2009


Marvin Hlavac

Even though Microsoft markets Streets & Trips to home users (not to businesses), Impersonally think businesses may benefit from using the product a lot more than a family planning their summer vacation. Microsoft has a product called MapPoint which targets business users, but the product is ten times more expensive than Streets and Trips, and the user interface and functionality are mostly the same.

It's refreshing to see blog.connectwise.net mentioning Streets & Trips as a business tool.

Scott Ford

Thanks Marvin,
Streets and Trips seems to be a great entry level solution for many small businesses. It has a low cost, and a lot of functionality. We like that!

Some companies may have more complicated needs like integration with a mileage-based billing program, or real-time fleet location awareness, but if a company's operations are not that complex, then Streets and Trips may be just the ticket.

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