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September 28, 2009


John Hilst

I must admit I'm biased from working with Thawte, but even so I have to agree that email encryption is not often enough viewed as the indispensable protection technology is should be. Not even by Google or other email providers! If Gmail and the remainder of the "cloud" were protected by extended validation SSL it could become THE small-to-mid business app of choice, but encryption keeps holding it back. Other corporate servers of course have the green url bar, along with firewalls and what-not, but web-based is where it's at right now.

Gene Pavliscsak

You do not have to be biased to realize that protection technology in any business is indispensable. It is agreeable that the cloud has put this on the back burner but I’m sure in time regulations or common sense will force the hand of most businesses into a realistic approach to email security. The use of SSL - email certificates to help one certify (commonly known as a Personal certificate) the identity of the sender or receipt of an email is a suitable form of email security and usually offered by many companies for little or no cost . For solution beyond personal use or very small business’s a more robust overall solution for is needed to ensure email security is achieved to ensure company policies are enforces or to meet a specific compliance and these solutions are not beyond reach for small business. Either way email security should not be taken lightly with the plethora of technology available to all.


I think email encryption is a must these days for any business or individual sending private information. Luckily encryption is easy to achieve with tools like the Voltage Security Network. It’s the easiest for users and the technology makes it easy on administrators as well. You can learn more at Voltage’s website, but here’s also a link to the SaaS service: http://www.voltage.com/vsn

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